Dear Liv Ivy

by Reason To Care

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LP and CD released by Damage Done Records


released October 29, 2010




Reason To Care Germany

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Track Name: Prologue
„Love me, like no one has ever hurt you before“. Hate me, like i am acid rain. Hold me, like a mother holds her child. Save me, like a sailor saves his boat. „Love me. Hate me. Hold me. Save Me“
Track Name: Dear Liv Ivy
Dear Liv Ivy, i can feel you. Even if an unsound wooden bridge disconnects us since 22 years. I know everything is uncertain as 2 different feathers adorn your hair. One of it so tender and silken. Transparent like the crystalline wing of the sparrow i saw today. The other one as black as pitch. Windswept and soaked with rain. I know, everything is uncertain. My heart met my thoughts (and) my thoughts followed my veins. My veins guided my inner rivers to my hands and my hands opened a pen to drown the paper in ink. Those lines should be vehicles transporting my hurt, thoughts and feelings but i guess they are as featureless as a bottle message eaten by a RIP-curl. Anyways. I will try, i will try, i will try, I will try to reach you.
Track Name: Crystals and Glass
I loved you when you were dressed up as a funfair. Blurred photographs captured my shining eyes. Everything was so blithe and you teached me how to laugh. Thanks for letting me jump off the window ledge into the lily-white bedding. Once I lay on my back buried in the warm and lovely shaped snowscape. I was counting birds whereby the black one's told me about one of the feathers in your hair and it took my breath away. Don't you hear the desperate voices whispering that they would rather prefer to be on the cemetery than working as ailing puppets on the road next to it? Don't you see their scars writing a diary of their awful past? Why don't you let them dance on wrapped in colorful blankets? Don't you care when they say „Death would be better than this.“?
Track Name: Eerie Melody
A graveyard is no home until the day a heart stops beating. I wish i could ever make you understand. „Let them breathe deep while they sleep. Let them breathe deeper.“ A graveyard is no home until the day a heart stops beating.
Track Name: Chronicles
I grew older and so many beautiful faces stayed invisible. I became conscious when your crimson hands lost hide and seek. Your crimes made me cry. Your crimes let them die. There will never be a blooming flower on their graves. Rather a withering one. Where is your empathy? Where is your compassion? „They are not only in the world. They are aware of it“ and you're acting like a knife thrower without any skills. Will you keep on throwing? „So good luck on the road for that your mission fails.“ They are one of a kind. Like every you and me. „Always searching for the solution to belong to the others. Always on the road. Alone. That is not as bad and sad as it sounds but it's true and the destiny of somebody who is one of a kind.“ Lay your hand on their chests. Feel the beat and listen to the songs every single heart will sing.
Track Name: Dreary Fall
Please tell me. „Why do we love the people the most who turn away from you?“ You introduced her to me and we learned swimming in dead waters after a sweet little kiss. Once in a blue moon we got weak. I thought I found shelter until you'll scatter my ashes at sea. But I did not. No i did not and I got as weak as a thin branch between the claws of a raven. We dreamed of walking through the winterwonderland. But we never reached it. Now I want to tie down 22 stones to my feet. They should drag me under. They should take my breath away. Shouldn't they? We kneeled down and our hands disappeared in a pile of leaves. There fell a deep silence until hundreds of autumn's childs hovered through the air. Tears welled up in my eyes as i saw the last leaf dancing in a gentle breeze until it kissed winter's feet. I dreamed on till the sparkling snow crystals on her lips turned into letters forming words which brought me to isolation.
Track Name: Merry Go Round
It has taken quite a long time until you gave me the compass to find my shattered heart again. I remember myself when i rode my bike crossing the crossroad - sundrenched - twice. The second time I run over a lizard's tail and i learned to move on. Did I learn it? Unless i am mistaken it was just the convenient time to offer me a seat in your ferris wheel again, right? Your constraints are chasing me like hungry wolves. I can neither sleep nor breathe. Please, i need a break again although it will be less a minute. You brought me north where white giants dressed in stripes let candlelight spin in circles. You brought me to the sea where seagulls flew in circles. You brought me to Paris where water lilies swam in circles. Yes, and finally you brought me back to offer me a seat again. I can neither sleep nor breathe and i pass out to drown in memories.
Track Name: Gold Dust
My thoughts are hiking through the greatest valley. My thoughts are climbing the highest mountain. My thoughts are running through the darkest forest. My thoughts are diving in the deepest sea. They are within my reach but they will stay unreachable. Memories are „just like the ocean, always in love with the moon.“ First dead calm then the tide. I want to embrace them as they are kissing me so dearly. I need to bury them as they are choking me so hard. A beautiful amber is like gold dust shining bright. It brings back love it brings back light. Sometimes I am able to hold it in my hands but it always ends in smoke. They are saving me. They are leaving me. I am keeping up. I am giving up. Calm sea. Rough sea. They are walking side by side. Dear Liv Ivy you will never be my valentine.
Track Name: My Burial
„I am on the road where i've been told“. I pedal. Faster. I am on the road where hearts turned cold. I pedal. Faster. My hair plays with the wind and i am reminded of those frosty days when the kids were romping through the snow. I want to leave this town where i am counting the city lights just to survive that perfect storm. I need to leave. I am sick to death of walking through those sleeping halls where white walls and green floors are bringing me back to the day the mouse left. Slowly. Her sons heart will be brave enough. Yes I am done. I am done once more and i am handshaking with tragedy. There will be a last dawn. There will be a last day. There will be a last night. It drives me to my knees. This is my last goodbye to yesteryear. It's like a last letter with a very last peck. I place the sad writ keeping the past into a casket to carry it to it's grave. This is the end.
Track Name: At Sea
„I feel like a bird without a song.“ I feel like a bird without a tree. I feel like a bird. Featherless. I feel like a bird without a melody. „There is no passion running through my veins.“ anymore. And I am not brave enough to handle this pain. „I feel old. Hypnotized. It's cold.“ So cold. Even if the sun's arms try to weave a blanket to warm my heart. My senses stagger on fragile pavements. I am to weak to sail against wind and tide. Do you remember the stones? I guess you do cause you carried me to the pier. No sailor, no seaman. Only the sea. You and me and one last breath. I can't see you anymore cause liquid salt dims my sight. I can't hear you anymore cause i prefer to listen to the ballads of the waves instead of listening to your valediction. Dear Liv Ivy, I can't feel you anymore.
Track Name: Epilogue
„Love me, like no one has ever hurt you before“. Hate me, like i am acid rain. Hold me, like a mother holds her child. Save me, like a sailor saves his boat. „Love me. Hate me. Hold me. Save Me.