Farewell! I Am Longing For Home.

by Reason To Care

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10" EP released by United Blood Records & Family Business Records



released August 1, 2009




Reason To Care Germany

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Track Name: Line Fifty
now i'm sitting here | i displace my wounds | i want to calm down | but i can't find a rest in this place | this cold masonry | and humanity | short before freezing | i hear what they say | what will they do to me? | hours filled with ache | will come over me | they were attacking us | interrupt our harmony | all my brothers got lost | i will never see them again | now i'm here again | never felt so poor | they laugh at me | while i writhe myself | in incredible pain | cant resist anymore | my story is ending here | my death | just one of thousands | the last fifty years | no life | oppression | destruction | death and suffering
Track Name: Good Bye Grief. Hello Sun!
these miles can't break us | these miles are meaningless | these miles will never | never | bring our hearts to the grave | we met at the riverside | we met to survive | and now its time to erase the rain | its time to kill that misery | its time to forget the salty faces | its time to be alive | the winter sang sad songs | mourning accompanied me through the sallow countryside | i never asked death to be my friend | and finally the ravens left my chest | and i found my feet | so i followed the vivid glimmer of hope | and i catched it to paint my shoes | paint my way | i wrote those letters down in sand | good bye grief | this is your end | i wrote those letters down in sand | good bye grief | we are your end | we teached us breathing once again | now we are walking down this road hand in hand | bye bye bad memories | good bye past | bye bye loneliness | the sun has rised to last | we sat on that bench | we deserved a break | you reminded me of having legs | so i will take you along | to show you how to | embrace the lovely rays of the sun
Track Name: The Hospital Of Panzi
10 years | but it's not over | they will come at night | time and again | please receive my voice | it's not over | we can't count the black hearts | listen to that story | please receive our voice | now i'm here | safe place | safe place | i'll tell my story | there was no nightmare | they came | and my husband lost his light | a little later his life | six fiends and the forest | i'll never forget | but now i'm here | safe place | safe place | all seem to be related to each other | and a women says | what's in my mind | 'here i feel | like a human being once again | they have my body | my whole life' | rape as a weapon | they lost everything | nothing to relish anymore | further voices tell stories | about the never-ending cruelty | it's about damnation | no end in sight | no childhood | no existance | you can't call it harm-it's worse | so fucking worse | day of discharge: | my heart-like a clockwork | i don't want to leave | safe place | safe place | the way back home-primrose path... and they are going to come again | please receive my voice
Track Name: Taking And Giving Stones
few times a week | to the mall and back | few times a week | this fog | so i wind down the window | they combine | the birds leave the misty shroud | they are headed south | the leafs are falling to the ground | like me the week before | it feels like looking in a mirror | but the leafs are falling bland | the wind is stroking my face | it's bringing me back home | i know | this is not my autumn | and it can't be hers either | the boy next door and his bike | the crossroad.sun-drenched |everything like in my dream last night | but something is missing | but someone is missing | it's bringing me to the verge of despair | it's like losing life | my veins | black | but i won't hug the fire | no | i won't shed hope | now i have this stone in my pocket | the other one i gave away | it got lost - challanged to bring luck from a distance now | they covered a long way to bring chance | so i am hoping | i am dreaming - its all about taking and giving|its all about taking and giving stones!
i am so grateful | thank you | thank you for giving me the stiches to heal my aching wound | i am feeling fine receiving all your words | it doesn't matter what way they travel | down under | east | west | my town | or another | it doesn't matter how i receive them | i read these lines | i hear these words | they help | it's about taking and giving | today i am taking | later i will be giving | yes | i promise | so thank you for giving me your hands | thank you for being just there